The Rourk family Saga Series
 Allie & Jeremy Branson Novels



Allie & Jeremy Branson take the lead in a kidnapping case that becomes a search for a domestic terrorist who has Seattle cowering in fear!

Sullivan Rourk has had many enimies in his lifetime. Though none has been a member of his family, until now. The ultimate betrayal from the one he loved most. Now his daughter, Lisa, must mete out the justice that Sullivan Rourk would demand.



Sullivan Rourk takes on a new challenge as he takes over the Pearl Dust Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. Whilehe is being introduced to the press his wife iws being savagely beaten and his daughter is being kidnapped. Sullivan must choose between paying an unacceptable ransom or taking action to hunt down those who would hurt his family.


Sullivan Rourk makes an ambitious and bold takeover of the Desert Pueblo Indian Casino. A short time later he descovers that the previous manager had been laundering money throught the casino for the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang. The gang lets Rourk know that they not only want him to be their new partner, but they also want him to pay them the profits they had lost since his take over of the casino. With threats of death being made against his family, Sullivan Rourk is faced to explore a criminal option.

This is the first of the collaborative series between Mike Wells and Robert Rand. Although it is much more graphic than Mike Wells' usual style, it's a good story with plenty of suspense and action.




When the Seattle Police Department bumbles the investigation of a serial killer who has brutally taken the lives of five women, Detectives Allie and Jeremy Branson take over the case. The husband and wife team work out of the King County Sheriff Department's Violent Crime Unit and have one of the best track records in the country. But this time around, the Bransons are tested to their limits. Will they catch "The Call Girl Killer," or will the sadistic murderer continue his spree of horrific crimes unchecked?